How Universal Laws and intentions affect our creations.

When considering the intangible energetic influences in bringing our creations into form it is necessary to become the architect and builder of that form as a real structure that supports our individual and/or group purpose within for example a business structure.

This energetic structure or blueprint is what creates a strong foundation upon which to build a solid structure that will not at some later point turn out to be a house of cards. The Law of Structure is a Universal law that applies to bringing the immaterial into manifested material form.

Most of this knowledge concerning pre-matter, i.e. undifferentiated form, is hidden from humanity yet every thought, every creation is affected by these Universal laws. Due to the nature of the present planetary and human experience in the Ascension cycle these laws that were either not understood at all or were abused, are now fully available.

Through intentionally working with these laws with a pure heart and desire to be of service to others in truth and integrity, then we can become architects and builders of new, expanded, and uncorrupted forms in service to the philosophy underlying World Humanism. The energetic purpose of the structure is the responsibility of the architect-builder, if not undertaken consciously then whatever is active in the unconscious mind will be the energetic purpose and intent behind the structure by default.

A structure is anything that has form in the material world, a human being, a building, a business or a website as examples, so the intention behind the creation will determine its development and strength of purpose. If the structure is not defined with a clear mission or purpose then it is open to the intentions of others that may or may not be in alignment with the original meaning of the creation.

In aligning with Universal Law and specifically the Law of Structure, it is essential to ensure that there is a fair exchange of value so that the business supports all those that are in relationship to it. Numerous organisations accept a win at the expense of another as ‘clever’ or in some way smart, to have outsmarted another. This type of approach is continually reinforced by the media and television shows.

In creating a business, or department within a business, clear intention, awareness of what one is consenting to and in whose authority, is paramount to confirmation with the Law of Structure. This means having the same level of diligence and consent to partnerships, employees, customers/clients and any others that may interact with that business.