For Personal Sessions, I offer spiritual support and mentoring for the awakening process when the Dark Night of the Soul is experienced, life as it is known falls away to reveal new and uncharted energetic territory without the benefit of a map.

I work with individuals to guide and support you through these profound experiences as the very foundations of our Earthly lives shift and change largely unseen around us.

I offer Business Support to help your business to align with the energetic changes to Universal Law and Structures affecting us during this cycle.

If you are interested in a Personal Session with me or understanding more about Business Support please contact me and we can schedule a 15 minute Skype call to further explore resonance.

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About Stephanie Smith

A facilitator of consciousness expansion and spiritual awakening, with over 15 years of study and research into the fields of consciousness and multi-dimensionality, Stephanie has a unique insight into the current planetary conditions occurring energetically.

Educational Resources

Stephanie offers educational resources and events to bring disclosure to the hidden aspects of our collective human history and the engineering of our individual and collective consciousness to have arrived at the state of affairs in which humanity and our planet finds itself. Sign up to the Newsletter to be kept updated.

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The purpose of this website is to support consciousness expansion through information, education and resources intended to promote a more compassionate and inclusive world for all through the philosophy of World Humanism that values all life and sentience. World Humanism is created in the consent of Cosmic Sovereign Law, the Law of One.

World Humanism

A call for an entirely different set of principles during this transformative time on our planet. Whether known consciously or not many people can feel that all we believed to be real has changed irrevocably and that a new approach is needed to revalue humanity and to create new systems in resonance with the higher laws of Cosmic citizenship.

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