Hello, and welcome to World Humanism

I invite you to explore with me new models and concepts to awaken, expand consciousness and ultimately to create a value system in our sphere of influence based upon the understanding that all life is sacred.

Our sphere of influence may be large in some sort of leadership or stewardship role, or it may seem small in some other environments. Know though that wherever you are, whatever your role, you are influential and therefore we have a responsibility to be aware of that and to appreciate that our thoughts, intentions and where we place our attention have an impact on ourselves and those around us.

Ultimately, we are all creators with a responsibility to ensure that that which we co-create in aware and understood consciousness is extremely powerful, and thus to allow our inherent creative abilities to take place without conscious awareness, is to do ourselves an immense disservice.

As we continue forward in a new era where expanding conscious is key to our development as a species, as human beings, away from exploitative, consumptive models of service to self into a more expanded awareness of interconnectedness and thus consciousness, so we are invited to develop another model that incorporates that interconnectedness of all things.

Co-creation and human value in a structure of service to others rather than service to self, based upon a different set of principles. Principles that are to be explored and expanded upon here and invites the input of those within whom their heart calls for freedom, equality, fairness and abundance for all.

We live in a society that values money and technology above the soul and the gentle kind and loving hearts that are natural to a human being. We see time and time again examples of the coldness of the many systems underlying what we perceive to be real that seek to exhaust and suck the life force from humanity, creating a constant pressure for survival and generating fear to thoroughly depress spontaneity, generosity and spiritual growth among the inhabitants of our planet.

During the awakening process many uncomfortable or startling truths inevitably come to light, and it is my heartfelt intention to support that process for those who are guided to come to this website and to alleviate as far as I can the loneliness and sense of isolation that can be such an unwelcome companion as we experience change and challenge in our lives when we are called to realise and recognise our authentic selves.

With loving kindness,