World Humanism Consulting is purposed in providing support and guidance for ventures that seek to work in cooperation with Universal Laws and Service to Others orientation, whilst honouring fair value exchange for goods and services.

In choosing to work in a model of a World Humanism then the authority for those resulting creations lies with Law of One principles and a desire to be of service to others whilst honouring one’s own path and boundaries.

Understanding that a business or any structure is a living consciousness in itself and therefore to be effective in the current energetic terrain that business/project requires to be established in alignment with the Law of Structure (Intent, Consent and Authority). This may appear as a ‘mission’ statement yet aligns with the Law of Structure in how it is constructed and the intent behind it.

In order to maintain the integrity of the structure it is necessary to manifest a fair exchange of value and align to higher intelligence beyond the 3D corrupt matrix that honours Service to Self Orientation.

It is not possible to completely avoid the existing constructs entirely so it is essential to see things for what they are and to navigate the existing systems whilst maintaining alignment to Universal Law.

Any devices, equipment, web-sites or other resources must also be consecrated into the same intent as the structure concerned whatever this may be, a business, a project, a committee as examples.

The almost universally employed approach of Sales and Marketing as applied to currently accepted business models has no role to play in creating an organic business in alignment to Law of One principles, similarly the process of pushing and forcing has no place either, rather a resonance with the offering is more in alignment.

That which is considered the norm for business utilises manipulation, scheming and many times outright lying to achieve the perceived goals of the business which more often than not have the concept of profit and turnover as the primary objective whatever may otherwise be said.

That is not to say that all businesses are structured in that way, there are many people in companies and with their own businesses that seek to serve and provide the best possible service that they can. Complications may arise when it is necessary to interact with other parties and this applies even in the simplest of interactions whereby there is only the supplier and the customer/client involved in the transaction.

Therefore paying close attention from the outset to the Law of Structure is essential to avoid complications further along the path.

About Stephanie Lofgren

I am a facilitator of consciousness expansion & spiritual awakening. With over 20 years of study & research into the fields of consciousness & multi-dimensionality, I feel I can bring a comprehensive awareness and understanding of the current planetary conditions occurring from both an energetic and a geo-political perspective.

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Stephanie offers educational resources and events to bring disclosure to the hidden aspects of our collective human history and the engineering of our individual and collective consciousness to have arrived at the state of affairs in which humanity and our planet finds itself. Sign up to the Newsletter to be kept updated.

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Mission Statement

The intention of this site is to assist and support businesses and individuals in creating aligned and coherent ventures that are fully supported in the new energy structures that have been progressively emerging and establishing since the beginning of 2013.

To incorporate general and personal values into the venture that include integrity, service oriented, valuing of all human beings, and creating mutually beneficial relationships and outcomes.

The commitment of the work here is to co-create with clients, partners and all collaborators new structures that seek to serve freedom and expression in the highest capacity and potential. In a model of a World Humanism that values the Earth and all human and sentient life. It recognises that all is interconnected and that a cooperative stance in all areas of life is the most productive, effective and fair use of resources.

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World Humanism

A call for an entirely different set of principles during this transformative time on our planet. Whether known consciously or not many people can feel that all we believed to be real has changed irrevocably and that a new approach is needed to revalue humanity and to create new systems in resonance with the higher laws of Cosmic citizenship.

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