Now, more than at any time in our history, we are being called upon to question what we see unfolding in the Worldscape and to bring awareness, critical thinking and the utmost discernment to where we choose to place our energy, our trust and our consciousness.

Many people can see and know that there is something incredibly large at play on our planet as we see the established structures crumbling before our very eyes. As we witness terrible events that impact many human lives, and we begin to see established patterns more clearly then it raises questions, what is going on, what is happening and why.

This is ascension, this is the shift that heralds the awakening of greater numbers of human beings as they come into the realisation of the true histories of planet earth and its inhabitants. How many people are aware of the incredible spiritual warfare that has been waging over the Earth in the ultimate archetypal battle for freedom or tyranny.

The enormity of what we are witnessing and involved in, whether we know it or not, is changing the path of humanity and the way of living that was thought to be normal. Some generations will find this more to struggle with than others, in a sense it depends upon how much involvement in the 3D narrative one has, the investment made in following the rules and doing the things expected of us.

The questions to ask of oneself at this time are. How much do I value truth? How much am I willing to know? What am I in integrity with?

Following our heart resonance at this time, being mindful of the larger themes at play, having the context and situational awareness necessary to navigate the World of Forces is essential to our peace and wellbeing during this tumultuous period.

There is much to be grateful for and also much to be discerning of.

I am revitalising my blog and web-site in service to awakening people who wish for somewhere and someone to turn to for compassionate witnessing to their process and experiences.

With loving kindness,