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Morphogenesis. When this blog was first created we had not yet entered this new phase referred to as Morphogenesis,however the blog was so named as this time in the ascension cycle of Morphogenesis is critically different to what has gone before even if outer...

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The Bifurcation

The Bifurcation In my world the term bifurcation is a literal parting of the ways between the old systems and the new and yet to be formed. The ascension timeline or varying degrees of the alternative. This bifurcation can be seen and felt in the globalscape, the...

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Recognising and Decoding your Map

Recognising and Decoding your Map We each of us have a mental and emotional map that directs and colours our experiences as physical beings on a planet such as Earth. I am drawn to mention the saying, ‘The Map is not The Territory’, this as a term was first coined by...

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Introduction to World Humanism

Hello, and welcome to World Humanism I invite you to explore with me new models and concepts to awaken, expand consciousness and ultimately to create a value system in our sphere of influence based upon the understanding that all life is sacred. Our sphere of...

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Mission Statement

The intention of this site is to assist and support businesses and individuals in creating aligned and coherent ventures that are fully supported in the new energy structures that have been progressively emerging and establishing since the beginning of 2013.

To incorporate general and personal values into the venture that include integrity, service oriented, valuing of all human beings, and creating mutually beneficial relationships and outcomes.

The commitment of the work here is to co-create with clients, partners and all collaborators new structures that seek to serve freedom and expression in the highest capacity and potential. In a model of a World Humanism that values the Earth and all human and sentient life. It recognises that all is interconnected and that a cooperative stance in all areas of life is the most productive, effective and fair use of resources.

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World Humanism

A call for an entirely different set of principles during this transformative time on our planet. Whether known consciously or not many people can feel that all we believed to be real has changed irrevocably and that a new approach is needed to revalue humanity and to create new systems in resonance with the higher laws of Cosmic citizenship.

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