The Bifurcation

In my world the term bifurcation is a literal parting of the ways between the old systems and the new and yet to be formed. The ascension timeline or varying degrees of the alternative. This bifurcation can be seen and felt in the globalscape, the media and in everyday apparent mundane interactions.

For myself the gulf is widening in that things and activities that I might have participated in a few years ago I simply no longer can. When venturing out on the roads for example or into a food shop the experience is far from pleasant it feels chaotic and disjointed. The mere thought of attending any sort of event or venturing into shops to browse is simply not on the agenda.

The mainstream media seems to have become insane as with the stream of celebrity show and story even the once largely respected British Royal Family has become a new version of celebrity, The Royals.

We are continually being bombarded to believe in a deceptive reality that does not serve the best interests of a single human being on this planet unless thoroughly embroiled in the game themselves.

This is the time we have to stay in our hearts, to feel love, appreciation and care for our planet, for the animals, plants, minerals, crystals and our fellow human beings. Truly a time for bridging the worlds!

With loving kindness,