Stephanie Smith is a facilitator of consciousness expansion and spiritual awakening.

I am a facilitator of consciousness expansion & spiritual awakening. With over 20 years of study & research into the fields of consciousness & multi-dimensionality, I feel I can bring a comprehensive awareness and understanding of the current planetary conditions occurring from both an energetic and a geo-political perspective.

As this planet and the humans upon it undergo a collective shift in consciousness, often referred to as Ascension, many people experience their Dark Night of the Soul. This may include unexplained experiences, a dismantling of the present life and relationships, and other challenges.

Prior to exploring consciousness and committing to a spiritual path, I worked for many years within the IT (Information Technology) industry. I was able to participate at multiple levels in companies and gained a solid grounding in how businesses are structured, the strengths and weaknesses inherent in currently accepted standards and structures of business.

As I ventured into my own dark night of the soul I returned to an earlier interest of mine that was to understand the human condition as experienced through our emotional guidance system, and to tune in once more to my intuition and direct knowing.

Due to the structural energetic changes taking place during this cycle, businesses and any structure serving a purpose must be in alignment with the energetic laws being restored to our planet in order to be effective. This applies both at a personal level and at a business/home/any type of entity structure.

I am offering my experience and knowledge in service to those experiencing the effects of the massive changes taking place on our planet.

Personal Sessions

I offer personal sessions for ascension guidance, education and consciousness expansion, including:

  • Mentoring and support during life changes (Dark Night of the Soul) through understanding of the energetic terrain and the current planetary Ascension cycle.
  • Intuitive Guidance Sessions to address and explore matters affecting your sense of wellbeing.

Business Support

The business services that I offer draw upon my Corporate experience in the IT Sector and working with various industries, coupled with my research and understanding of consciousness and energy architecture.

  • Business Reviews to determine where energetic weaknesses may be impacting the integrity and effectiveness of meeting the objectives of the business entity, whether that is a complete business or a department within a larger structure.
  • Personal mentoring and support in how to maintain spiritual sovereignty in present business/Corporate Structures.

Mission Statement

The intention of this site is to assist and support businesses and individuals in creating aligned and coherent ventures that are fully supported in the new energy structures that have been progressively emerging and establishing since the beginning of 2013.

To incorporate general and personal values into the venture that include integrity, service oriented, valuing of all human beings, and creating mutually beneficial relationships and outcomes.

The commitment of the work here is to co-create with clients, partners and all collaborators new structures that seek to serve freedom and expression in the highest capacity and potential. In a model of a World Humanism that values the Earth and all human and sentient life. It recognises that all is interconnected and that a cooperative stance in all areas of life is the most productive, effective and fair use of resources.

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World Humanism

A call for an entirely different set of principles during this transformative time on our planet. Whether known consciously or not many people can feel that all we believed to be real has changed irrevocably and that a new approach is needed to revalue humanity and to create new systems in resonance with the higher laws of Cosmic citizenship.

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